This rather odd looking fellow is a new retro model from Zeno Watch Basel called the Deep Diver Tachymeter.

I say new, but the educated among you will instantly recognize it has being based on Aquadive’s historic model, the Caribbean Triple-Safe –

AKA the Flying Saucer, a watch with an unusual case shape designed specifically to resist pressure up to 100 atmospheres or 3333 feet;

something that this modern-day pretender has not managed to achieve. While the Aquadive Caribbean ‘s 50mm case was water-resistant to 1000m –

Zeno’s Deep Diver Tachymeter’s 46mm case has a depth-rating to just 500m. This is still a respectable level of water-resistance, don’t get me wrong.

It just isn’t nearly as impressive as 1000m was so many decades ago, but it does have a tachymeter, right. ;)

Another difference that I do approve of in principle is the seemingly much larger crown size compared to the old school Aquadive Caribbean.

It is true to say that much of the original’s charm is lost but it will be infinitely easier to operate.

Speaking of charm we must turn attention now to the dial because in this area Zeno’s watch is again lacking.

The eyesore that is the Zeno logo is largely to blame because the current hands and dial markers all seem to work pretty well. The markers on the black and blue models seem a little larger, too.

For comparison I have borrowed a pic from of a 1970s Aquadive Caribbean Model 709-1 which is nicknamed the Disco Sub (can you guess why?) – man it’s so cool.

There were several iterations of the Caribbean with varying dial, bezel and crown styles.

The reason that I keep referring to them is that Aquadive have some upcoming news – wouldn’t it be cool if it was a Caribbean reissue.

Back to Zeno’s Deep Diver Tachymeter which is powered by an ETA 2824-2 Swiss made automatic movement.

It is delivered in 4 colors: black with a steel mesh bracelet, delivered in a limited run of 200 pieces, priced 898CHF –

and blue, orange and yellow on matching NATO straps in limited runs of just 100 pieces of each priced 798CHF.

Thoughts? Interesting indeed but my overall impression is that it’s alright- just alright.

I dunno’ what it is about this Swiss brand but they give off a strong Sino-mass-factory vibe plus they lack imagination and originality.

There’s no doubt that an Aquadive re-edition would be beautifully executed, but how well would the quirky design be received? Let me know your thoughts?