Today, in a live-streamed keynote address from their headquarters in Cupertino, CA, Apple unveiled the newest version of their ever popular Apple Watch. The Series 5 will be available on September 20, and introduces some key new features to the wearable.*
Perhaps the most interesting development for readers of this site is the reintroduction of the Apple Watch “Edition” line, with models available in ceramic and, for the first time, titanium. The aluminum watches, of course, are still available, and in a variety of finishes, with an even greater selection of interchangeable straps.
Brushed titanium case.

From a technical standpoint, the big new feature is an “always on” retina display, something users have been asking for since the first gen hit the market. Apple has also introduced a built in compass, an upgraded heart sensor, and made the whole thing slightly thinner. Size wise, the Series 5 will be available with 44m and 40mm cases.
The dimming feature on the new “always on” display.

As has become typical for these new product introductions from Apple, it has also been announced that Series 3 will remain available at a reduced prices, and Series 5 will replace Series 4. The Series 3 now starts at $199 and goes up from there if you choose the cellular version. The new Series 5 is priced at $399 to start, with the cellular version coming in at $499. The continued affordability of the Apple Watch (compared to watches from enthusiast driven mechanical watch brands and big fashion brands) is perhaps the real story here, as the most popular watch in the world becomes that much more accessible. Apple

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