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Thread: Separated at birth

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    Separated at birth

    For starters let's have it right , please don't have sunglasses on for this if you're gonna suggest some contestants ... gotta be a real close resemblance
    Inspired by a chance see in another thread....

    Watches that could have been separated at birth

    Your first three candidates:

    1:Pic from Kronos - a Military Hamilton from the 70's

    2:Pic from OhDark30 - Sekonda from the 70's

    Name:  sekonda.jpg
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    3:Pic from me ! - a Kemmner Militär W1954 from the 10's

    Name:  kemmner2.jpg
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    Anyone else think of any ?
    (not for this trio of matching ones, another style of watch!)

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    Are homages included? Well one can argue that the rest are homages of the oldest one.
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    I think that would just become a homage thread then .... I'm talking about watches that never saw each other before they were brought together in this thread ?............

    .....I think ......

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    Maybe they were all following the same military spec?

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