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Thread: !!!!! WRUW - THURSDAY 14th may ' 15 !!!!!

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    !!!!! WRUW - THURSDAY 14th may ' 15 !!!!!

    Have a great day everybody!

    back to enjoying my VSA this lovely mornin'... I should stop here if i'm smart..(clearly i'm not =)

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    Going with this old thing, today:

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    Have a nice day.

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    Getting familiarized with the GS more. Like my other one, as the days go on you notice and appreciate the tiny details more and more. I also been very impressed with their titanium finishing. I forget this is a titanium case its hard to believe by the level of finishing.

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    Regards Cam

    Tudor Pelagos, Omega Speedmaster 3510.50, Oris 1965 Diver, Tissot Visodate, Junghans Max Bill Auto, Helson Blackbeard, Seiko PADI Turtle, Tag Heuer F1

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    !!!!! WRUW - THURSDAY 14th may ' 15 !!!!!

    Decided on something dressy more thing. I think I am getting used to not adjusting the date to match the day - with one exception - a watch with the cyclop, or one with a BIG date window....

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    That is one attractive dress watch Nutty28

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    This one been getting a fair bit or wrist time lately
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    Usually that means it's stay is secure at my house
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    back to my root hehehe...
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