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Thread: TV you just love (or at least really like)

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    TV you just love (or at least really like)

    Why not a companion thread to that of "TV you just can't stand" posted by Seriously ().

    Okay, so what shows do you make it a point not to miss (DVR, always make sure to be home/near a TV, etc. etc.)?

    For me it's pretty simple. I do DVR a lot, but mostly movies. LOVE westerns. Also regularly watch and really like a couple of game shows, Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy (though I don't DVR them and sometimes go months without watching either, I always come back).

    So must see TV? (Forgive my plagiarism of NBC's tired tag line...). NBC Nightly News. I watch it M-F religiously, even if it's sat on the DVR for some time (returned home from several months travel for work, had been working so many hours I'd no time for news- watched a month or two's worth in binge watching over a week or two). That one was a great way to catch up and see some stories I'd seen absolutely no mention of.

    The Black List. A fan of James Spader since his Boston Legal days, I got hooked on this one instantly. It's starting to get a bit tired, I'll give it one, maybe two more seasons before it fades away. But for now, I'm in.

    Marvel's Agents Of Shield. I know, many have already tired of it. And I did prefer it's replacement Agent Carter in it's off season. But I'm still following, and the DVR has plenty of room. A bit miffed when they referenced the plot of Age Of Ultron last week since I've not yet seen the movie, but I'll get over it. Season finale (2 hour) last night is still on the DVR, won't watch it until I've seen the movie (though the Ultron connection, may have simply been a passing mention to plug the current biggest movie in the world).

    I do love Westerns (said that). Been DVRing Wanted, Dead Or Alive for some time (Steve McQueen from 1959-1961). Only 3 seasons, 94 episodes. The Western's Channel (Encore) has been running 2 episodes a day. Seen them all, went through the 2nd time to catch the few I'd missed (erased those I recalled). They just finished 2nd running of the entire series tonight, I will now cancel the recording after they start over with "The Martin Poster" tomorrow night.

    So, what are yours? Most of us have at least one or two. Unless you hate TV altogether (in which case, what curiosity drew you to this thread?).
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    Even a broken watch shows correct time once or twice a day. I ought to know, I have a few!

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    My work schedule doesn't allow me appointment TV, but Netflix has opened up a whole new world to me.

    Orphan Black
    The Americans
    Game of Thrones
    Walking Dead

    Too many good shows not enough time

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    Doctor Who
    Sherlock (the BBC version)
    River Monsters

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    Things I'm currently watching:
    Orphan Black
    The Returned
    Peter Kay's Car Share

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    Wildlife Documentaries mostly nowadays.

    ....and off beat older films , but I've recorded most of them now.

    I'll come back and add to this I think.

    Nice idea for the thread , we're not going to have a 'TV that you just think Meh to, that you can take or leave' are we ?

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    Well, if we're talking about only what's on air now, it's a tough question. Justified just finished, Parks & Rec is over, Psych ended a little bit ago. There isn't a lot of TV that I love anymore.

    Stuff I cannot wait to watch:
    Walking Dead (easily the best show on TV)

    Stuff I like:
    New Girl
    Modern Family

    There's stuff I watch because it's good:
    Game of Thrones (I'm growing tired of it, honestly. Hey, here's some character you like/hope for something decent, then something horrible happens, rinse, repeat)
    The Americans (Very good show, but hard to watch; it's like it's a show of characters you don't want to root for)
    Outlander (It's a good show, but I've always found period pieces hard to identify with)

    Then there are shows I like despite how bad they are:
    Agents of SHIELD (After they ruined the surprise in Cap 2, I held off from watching anything since Ultron came out, just in case)
    Arrow (first season was great, really went downhill since then)

    I'm sure there's more, but they're not coming to me now.

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    Funny stuff. Recently, I thought Veep was hilarious, esp season 1.

    I have a ton of documentaries, including nature ones, in my Netflix Queue, but I'm never in the mood to watch something intelligent after a long work day.

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    Loved Breaking Bad, Dexter, probably some other stuff I forget about right now. Currently watching, and loving Sons of Anarchy. When I finish that I'll watch The Shield. I don't like the news.

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    Last night I completed a 2 seiries box set of Hannibal, avoided it for a long while as I figured a TV version of the movies would be awaful, Finally gave it a go and my oh my what a show it is, is possibly the most disturbing thing I've ever watched but compelling at the same time. I'm not usually a fan of horror movies as most seem silly but this is on a whole different level and actually scared me

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    i seldom watch tv becouse i don't like fiction, but i do enjoy "parts unknown" with Anthony Bourdain. The new season has recently started

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