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Thread: When you say, That's me done for a while, how long does A While tend to be?

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    When you say, That's me done for a while, how long does A While tend to be?

    Sometimes after buying a watch or three you look down at your collection and feel satiated to a degree and think, I'm going to enjoy what I've got for the time being. Eventually the honeymoon periods come to a close and you start to have eyes for other watches...

    Perhaps the nice new things make you realise it's time to move on one or two of the older ones, and in turn you think, mmm, what would I want to replace that with....

    My very rough estimate is that, for me, "a while" is seemingly around three months (mid-Sep to mid-Dec; start of Feb to start of May etc)
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    Sometimes a whole week. There are just too many fascinating, affordable and accessible jewels out there and when fortune puts them in front of you, it would be rude not to. I do need to learn how to sell them one day...

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    I try not to delude myself in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Amf View Post
    ... look down at your collection and feel satiated to a degree and think, I'm going to enjoy what I've got for the time being.
    Hasn't happened yet

    'A while', for me, means until I've saved enough money for 'the next one' ,; and that can be weeks or months.
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    I can't remember how many times i said that, but usually it don'l last longer than 48h...

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    I am content for about 30 seconds on a good day.........

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    After the next 2 arrivals which are already paid for I seem to have promised not to unwrap anything until next May - I say unwrap as the purchase date may not be that close to the date I receive it due to shopping limitations.

    I do have a little fund that I am slowly building for that purchase.
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    Coming up to the three month period I mentioned in my OP and seemingly still perfectly content with what I've got.

    This might be solely because I can't afford any of the things on my Want List....

    .....right now

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    For me, the very act of thinking "I'm good, I have enough" is the sign that I will weaken within a matter of days. Just two weeks ago, I was thinking "I have way too many watches and I am not tempted by these choices nowadays," then I was walking downtown and saw a sign for an estate sale. I wandered around the corner and found a beautiful vintage Longines.
    So basically I'm hopeless and incurable.

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    The things I want are pretty "fixed" and most of them aren't readily available.
    Thus, there is no "done for now" as it's usually more a case of "I wonder when I'll find one of those?".

    I also have a sort of rule that I only buy in HK... because well, I'd be a fool to buy here when I can make use of my citizenship/residential status.

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