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Thread: Sriracha

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    Two of my bottles like this, one of them blew it's top in my kitchen.
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    Is it drain cleaner ??
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    bet you left it on the side for a while before using it ? seems it happens often if taken from the fridge then left on the side so gets to room temp and blam apparently
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    I believe Sriracha is fermented and therefore it may well have active probiotics, secifically lactobacillus. The possibility that they might become overactive is very real. Beyond the explosive potential, which can be pretty spectacular, this is probably harmless. White fuzz which isn't creating CO2, that's potentially deadly.

    *I make my own and don't eat sriracha so I recommend you check for yourself, though I stand by my science.
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    Never have seen that happen and we've been using it for years. Made some sriracha salt (sea salt plus sriracha) dried in an oven. Good stuff!


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    I have already had one of my homemade hotsauces do a little version of this. In my case it is absolutely active probiotics continuing to ferment the sauce and creating CO2. Perfectly safe.

    The first and best clue to it being pathogens is that it will smell really vile. If it smells good, it is good.
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