Just two years ago, Ming Watches hit the scene and were an overnight sensation. That first limited collection, dubbed 17.01, sold out in no time, which wasn’t that much of a surprise because the watches were good — like really good. And they were aggressively priced, too, at just $900 a pop. Then a few months later, Ming put out their sophomore release, this time a high-end piece with a crazy 100-hour movement by Schwarz-Etienne. The new watch, nearly 7 times the price of its predecessor, followed some of the foundational design cues of Ming’s first watch, but the execution was pure luxury. It was an exciting release, but also one that inspired controversy with its ambitious price tag. Ming’s continued that trajectory, releasing both luxurious watches and democratically-priced ones — all the while maintaining a unique aesthetic and adherence to quality that’s found numerous fans.
On this week’s episode of The Worn & Wound Podcast, Zach and Ilya are joined by Ming Thien and Praneeth Rajsingh of Ming Watches. The two stopped by Worn & Wound HQ a few weeks back, and we were excited to grab the mics and talk about their brand and watches.
This week’s episode of The Worn & Wound Podcast is brought to you by the Windup Watch Shop.

Ming Thien.

Praneeth Rajsingh.

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