RALF TECH honors veterans of war, in particular World War II vets with a special version of their Academie military-sports watch.

WWII was arguably one of the most destructive conflicts in modern history. The Battle of the Bulge alone saw the death of more than 80K US troops.

During World War II, British RAF had huge casualty rate, in part due to Britain's bombing campaign against Germany.

With 55K air crewman killed on these bombing missions, the RAF's loss rate was the highest of any of the British armed forces during the WWII.

Being the most classically-styled Ralf Tech, the Academie is the obvious choice for such a watch.

This version solemnly celebrates the Vetéran of all wars and especially those of the Second World War through its dial inspired by those adorning the RAF pilots' watches.

In addition to its dial, a further special feature of the Academie Vetéran is a special "Marine Nationale" vintage-mil NATO strap.

Basic spec. of the watch includes: 41mm Stainless steel case tested to 200m, a 2.5mm old school box-shaped Sapphire crystal an RTA003 automatic movement based on an NH36.

The Academie Vetéran is a Limited Edition of 100 pieces. It is available in 4 different designs: veteran, sunrise, road king, out of range, and is proudly made in France.

Thoughts? My grandad was one of those brave men who flew bombing missions over Nazi controlled Germany. I think this is a really cool watch!