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Thread: Titanium or Bronze ?

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    Titanium or Bronze ?

    Which say you?
    Titanium is Limited edition but has GMT function but is roughly $2k more, or Bronze which is well ....judge for yourself.
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    Not being a fan of bronze I'd choose the ti. But were I in your position, and genuinely torn, I'd choose the option that is TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS CHEAPER.
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    The Bronze casework is very very nice ... don't like the hands at all though, in any way whatsoever

    The 'Extra Special' cheapens it too though ..... in my opinion
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    This is easy: bronze.

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    Bronze of the 2

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    If you like patina and the way a watch ages with time I'd say go with the bronze. You won't get much of that with titanium. I always admired bronze watches just never seen one I liked that much to buy.

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    I would go with the bronze. I love titanium as a material for watches but a modern material doesn't fit that style imo. A modern pilot like the Stowa Testaf or the Bremont Boeing works well in titanium.

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    For all the reasons already mentioned, bronze. But Seriously, that "extra special" is extra cheap...

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    Bronze get's my vote.

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    Titanium or Bronze ?

    Bronze seems like a bit of a fad at the moment but there's no telling whether it will last. I can't think of a watch of the vintage they are emulating that was made of bronze (brass for car clocks is another matter). Watch cases made of copper alloy (which includes brass and bronze) would have been plated back in the days before stainless steel. Titanium has been used longer than raw bronze. It's lighter, stronger, and far more inert and corrosion-resistant than bronze.

    But there is another difference. The Pilot Extra Special was from a run that used a Sellita movement. Zenith has ended that, but they will still have to sell what they made. The Pilot GMT uses a Zenith manufacture caliber 682 Elite movement, which is a very high-grade movement indeed. I have a Concord Impresario with the same movement, and it is really excellent. That alone could account for the difference in price.

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