Are you getting enough silicium in your diet? Here’s a questing I often find myself asking before tucking into my bowl of muesli each morning.

If you are need of such a supplement, then here’s a new Seastar Powermatic 80 from Tissot that boats an upgraded movement with silicium inside.

That movement, the Powermatic C07.811 has been fitted with a new silicon balance spring, technology that has slowly trickled its way down from Omega and into other SWATCH Group products.

So what of Silicon? Well, there are several benefits that arise from the use of an Si balance spring.

Firstly, Si which is a metalloid (neither metal nor non-metal) is resistant to magnetic interferences as well as thermal fluctuations – so perfect for a diver’s watch.

But more importantly its use improves stability, performance and accuracy. It can also maintain its original form, indefinitely so never requires any lubrication.

As a reassurance that this watch actually does what it says it does on the tin (so to speak), there’s the “SILICIUM” name proudly printed on the dial above the date aperture at 6 o’clock as well as "SILICON BALANCE SPRING" engraved on the rotor.

The cost to you for this nutritious upgrade – a mere 70CHF; as the new Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 Silicium has a Swiss MSRP of 795CHF while the older non Si variant is 725CHF.