We’re less than three weeks away from*Windup Watch Fair New York City, and today we’re back with Part 2 of our Meet the Brands roundup of the great vendors you’ll see at this year’s show (and here’s Part 1 in case you missed it). Just a quick reminder — the 2019 New York City Windup Watch Fair will be hosted at Chelsea Market (75 9th Avenue) on October 25th through the 27th. Hours of operation are:
Friday, October 25th: 11:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday, October 26th: 11:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday, October 27th: 11:00am – 5:00pm
Let’s jump right in.

Crown & Buckle

In business since 2010 and based out of Florida, Crown & Buckle is a trusted source for all sorts of watch straps, from different styles of leather two-piece bands to nylon mil-straps, including their fan-favorite Chevron straps. They also run Black Label, Crown & Buckle’s premium line of straps and accessories featuring classic styles in elevated materials. *Crown & Buckle
Collins Watch Company

Founded by its namesake Jimmy Collins, Collins Watch Company creates pieces inspired by classic field and pilot watches, while also drawing from Jimmy’s background in the recording studio. Collins recently unveiled their newest watch, a diver they’ve dubbed Sonar, so be sure to swing by their booth to learn more about this great, value-packed timepiece.*Collins


Headquartered in Barbing, Germany in the heart of Bavaria, Damasko produces some of the toughest and most advanced tool watches around. Damasko is all about pushing the durability of a mechanical watch to its absolute limit, resulting in harder, more scratch resistant steel; more shock resistant movements; improved anti-magnetism; water resistance; and longer intervals between servicing. On-hand will be a curated selection of Damasko’s catalog. Damasko
Dan Henry

Dan Henry has one of the most incredible vintage watch collections on the planet. Wanting to share his love of vintage watches with other watch enthusiasts, Dan Henry launched his value-packed, eponymous brand with a laser-focus on bringing to the masses beautifully designed and robustly made watches that pull inspiration from some of the most iconic eras of watch design.*Dan Henry


Everest Horology Products was founded by Michael DiMartini (yep, the guy behind Monta), and it has become the go-to place for straps for practically every modern Rolex available. So if your Sub is looking for a new pair of shoes, then you should definitely stop by Everest’s booth. Everest

Since its founding, UK-based Farer has grown by leaps and bounds. What began as a brand with just a small collection of excellent quartz watches has grown into so much more, expanding into mechanical watches boasting beautiful designs and complications. Their most recent release is a series of three hand-wound chronographs inspired by the world of racing, and they’ll be sure to have those on-hand. But that’s not all — a little birdie told us they’ll have something extra special at Windup, so don’t miss out!*Farer

Hamilton has a unique and impressive history as a watch brand, with a story that spans two continents, nearly 130 years, and includes as many watch styles as you can imagine. Their current catalog draws upon their exceptional archive to create a wide range of timepieces that any watch enthusiast should love. So swing by to check out some of the greatest hits, among them the Khaki Field Mechanical, the Murph, and the recent Khaki Pilot Pioneer Mechanical. Hamilton


Junghans is a storied German brand that is perhaps best known for the Max Bill line. But beyond Max Bill’s wonderful creations, Junghans also has an incredible catalog of pieces in their mainline, among them the Meister Pilot, Form A, and Meister Driver. This year, they’ll be showcasing many of the classics, as well as 2019 novelties unveiled at Baselworld earlier this year. Junghans


Watch winders are either junky and cheap, or luxe and super expensive. JUVO knew there had to be a middle ground, so their line of watch winders and boxes — inspired by the aesthetics of vintage stereo speakers and high-end furniture — bridge that gap while staying reasonably priced without sacrificing quality. JUVO

Laco is a storied German brand, perhaps best known for their period-correct Flieger/pilot watches. But it’s not just pilot watches. Laco has built out a really robust catalog of interesting timepieces over the last couple of years, and we especially recommend checking out the brand’s hand-aged Erbstück line.*Laco


Founded by husband-and-wife team Lauren and Lorenzo Ortega, Lorier first made a splash with their neo-vintage Neptune collection. They’ve since expanded the catalog, which now includes the Hydra and Falcon models. We’re excited to have them back to this year’s New York show, where they’ll be unveiling a new hand-winding mechanical chronograph. Lorier


MK II is a one-man boutique brand, with proprietor Bill Yao at the helm of a meticulous operation focused on small-batch production. In addition To producing limited collections through watch forums, MK II has a Japanese-made ready-to-wear collection recreating historically important military watches, among them the Mark XI and Benrus Type 1. Their latest, the Hawkinge AGL, will be on-hand at the show.*MK II

With their range of sports watches, Monta has*proven that a luxury timepiece does not need to cost an arm and a leg, with the entirety of Monta’s catalog offering an exceptional value and solid finishing. Be sure to stop by their booth to check out their latest, the Atlas GMT, one of our top picks from this year’s Baselworld.**Monta*

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