“We’re dealing with an expert; with guns, with knives - with his bare hands.” And watches?

If we’re talking of the former then yes, like the TRAILER says; John Rambo is indeed proficient with guns, knives and hand to hand combat.

But when it comes to rocking the hottest wrist attire in Hollywood there are few other big name actors (Arnie and The Stath, aside) that take their watches as seriously as Rambo takes his killing.

Stallone, who was largely responsible for Panerai’s emergence from the shadows and into the limelight has been spotted wearing everything from Rolex to RM.

In fact he even has a bespoke 1 million dollar, Rambo survival watch from RM, but in the last couple years, Rocky, I mean Rambo;

Sly rather who is a friend of the famous Swiss watch manufacture; Carl F. Bucherer has been spotted wearing a couple of their Patravi models.

Namely a TravelTec which he was seen wearing for the Premier of Expendables 2 and a ScubaTec which he was seen wearing from a Tweet, last year, possibly when he was on the set of Last Blood.

Anyway, Sly must have really like the ScubaTec cos’ true to form he has managed to do a bit of covert overt product placement by wearing a badass stealthed-out version of the C.F. Bucherer’s flagship diver.

There is nothing official from the brand like there was for The MEG, but Rambo is clearly seen wearing a special modded version of the ScubaTec BLACK MANTA SE.

This watch has the same black DLC-coated Titanium case that the SE has, but with its ceramic bezel blacked-out and the manta motif removed from the dial –

allowing for a much cleaner and stealthier aesthetic and one that is far more appropriate for massacring any Mexican cartel.

This is probably why Rambo also swapped out the standard rubber-textile strap for simple black rubber – it’s far easier to wipe the blood of your recently vanquished foes from.

Otherwise the watch is as any other ScubaTec (like the one Sly wore ON SET), so 500 meters of water-resistance, a Helium Escape Valve and a reliable chronometer-certified automatic movement.

I wonder if there is a special “Rambo Last Blood” engraving on the case-back?

Keanu Reeves also had a special CFB ScubaTec that he wore for the premier of John Wick 3. That had a special “John Wick 3” case-back engraving.

Regardless, this special ScubaTec is a bit of an upgrade from the US Army Special Forces issue Chronosport UDT that JR wore in Rambo 3,

and perhaps even cooler than Panerai Marina Base PVD he wore in 2008’s, Rambo “The Fight Continues”!

This isn’t a case of blink and you’ll miss it, Stallone AKA Rambo can be seen sporting the special blacked-out ScubaTec in several scenes as well as for the official film posters.

Thoughts? This watch is hot; CFB, if you’re listening it needs an official release, please!