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Thread: Just how many are there !

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    Just how many are there !

    Never mind the watches that look the same (or similar) as another watch, It just never ceases to amaze me how many watches are out there (and keep popping out of the woodwork) that look so different !! ...... and that make me think "I'd have that!"

    This one see more just made me think that

    What say you ?

    (Not particularly that watch !, just about the miracle that is .... )

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    Hence the difficulty in giving an honest answer to the one watch forever question.
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    I would drive myself mad if I thought like that. In fact, you brining that up is making me feel a little nutty

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    I guess what I'm saying is you'd think with a circular (ish - usually!) bit of metal and a dial, you'd think mankind would (quickly) run out of ideas that work .....

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    There is always someone out there with a new idea just waiting to be pushed out.

    It surprises me too, as you would think styles (circular, etc) would plateau at some point, but in the 10 years I have seriously been in this hobby I still see designs that are new to me at least once every month or so.
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    It is fascinating. But when you consider how unique faces, voices, fingerprints and snowflakes are...
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    Infinite in their variety and varied in their infinity.

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    My thoughts of reducing the collection are slowly fading, it will only get larger with time,,,no matter how many I sell off

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