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Thread: Something a bit out of the ordinary on ebay

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    Something a bit out of the ordinary on ebay

    On my relaxing bedtime trawl through ebay, I just came across this:

    While the '53 6b models currently get all the glory, the '56 recasing of the wartime 6b/159 Omega in, for the time, rather large Dennison Aquatite cases are, to my mind, a fair bit cooler. The thing is while I own a couple of pre and a single slightly foxed post '56 6b/159 models, they are all Omega and this, to my great surprise is a Longines. I've never seen one before and, until I saw this one I didn't know that the Longines 6b/159 models were recased. Looking at it, it looks absolutely as you would expect an authentic recased Longines to look like and there's not reason why they wouldn't have recased them at the same time as the far more common Omega model, so I'd bet it is the real deal but rare as hen's teeth. For what it is then it is dirt cheap, even for an Omega version it's a bargain. Sadly, having just had a slightly too much fun holiday and all, I know that the beloved would be slightly surprised if I spent five hundred quid on a watch right now. Otherwise, I'd be getting it. However, as I'm not and, at the very least its really interesting, I thought I'd pop it up. If anyone wants it, feel free.

    But at least take a look at the movement. It's lovely.

    *edit* and then ten seconds on google turns up a bunch of similar threads to this one, such as:

    So it looks pretty certain it is the real deal and a bargain for someone.

    *edit* Oh. No love for that one then.
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    Just to carry on flogging a horse that was apparently DOA, here's the original that was recased. (with the wrong crown).

    and here's the price difference with something that has a modern equivalent...
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    Awwww poor Matt ,.... it's old though

    Do like the movement (a lot)

    Does 'Tooling marks' translates to 'scratched to ****' ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post
    Awwww poor Matt ,.... it's old though

    Do like the movement (a lot)

    Does 'Tooling marks' translates to 'scratched to ****' ??
    Either that or the previous owner *really* liked it...

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