Seikoís new flagship sports line, the LX Line has a couple of nice looking new models.

The new additions include: SBDB035 with its DiaShield coated case and bracelet. This gets a reddish-gold toned dial and cermet bezel.

This has a Japanese MSRP of 680,000 JPY+TAX and is a Limited Edition of 200 pieces as indicated by the engraving on its case-back.

Next up is SBDB037 with its black DiaShield coated case and black rubber diverís strap. This gets an equally lovely dial cermet bezel in a dark greenish-silver tone.

This has a Japanese MSRP with 680,000 JPY+TAX; like its partner in crime it is also a numbered and engraved Limited Edition of 200 pieces.

Both models are powered by Seiko Spring Drive Spring Caliber 5R65 automatic movements with an expected accuracy of Ī15 seconds per month (average) (Ī1 second per day) and a power-reserve of 72hrs.

Like any Spring Drive their dials possess power-res. indictors. In addition both watches get luxurious gold sweep seconds hands in either red or yellow gold respectively.

What else can I tell you? Thatís right Ė diverís features anti-magnetic resistance, Sapphire crystals, 300 meters of WR and cermet diverís bezels, a composite material composed of ceramic (cer) and metal (met) materials.

Thoughts? A good looking duo; my personal pref. would be SBDB035. How boutí you?