When we think of a pilotís watch, a very specific image likely pops into our heads. The watch we imagine is almost certainly something inspired by the timepieces worn by pilots (on both sides) during World War II. These designs have permeated our collective watch consciousness to such a degree that itís refreshing to read about the new watch from Bangalore Watch Company, based, naturally, in India, and how it puts a new spin on a very traditional style. While there are some similarities to a German style flieger here, the new MACH 1 is absolutely itís own thing. Letís take a closer look.

Bangalore Watch Company MACH 1

  • Case Material: Stainless steel; black PVD*
  • Dial:*Black, with Type A and Type B layout options
  • Dimensions: 42mm x 48mm x 11mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire*
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters*
  • Crown: Screw down*
  • Movement: Sellita SW220-1
  • Strap/bracelet: Textile*
  • Price: $680*
  • Expected Release: November 2019

Bangalore Watch Company, simply by virtue of being based in the city that was home to HMTís watch manufacturing division throughout the second half of the 20th century, is steeped in what is a very significant watchmaking tradition, which is quite honestly worthy of its own article. Bangalore Watch Company consciously sets out to produce watches that tell stories that are unique to India, which is an endeavor worth celebrating, as watches have a unique ability to communicate those stories in interesting ways.

The MACH 1 pays tribute to the first supersonic fighter jet in the Indian Air Force, the MiG 21 Type 77. The FISHBED (the planeís NATO codename) flew from the 1960s all the way up to 2013, when it was finally retired. The watch, at a glance, seems to have all the elements of a traditional pilotís watch, but little details honor the Indian fighther jet. The fin-flash at 9:00 is the most noticeable design element, and the long and narrow hand set is inspired by the FISHBEDís fuselage. A careful look at the crown reveals that its design is based on the MiG 21ís afterburners, and the caseback has an engraving of three of the planes flying in a V formation.
Aside from the little details that give this piece its character, the watch itself is a sturdy, modern tool watch. Itís powered by a Sellita SW220-1 movement and has 100 meters of water resistance. Itís sized for a modern crowd at 42mm, but at only 11mm thick this should wear comfortably even on smaller wrists. Itís also available in traditional ďType AĒ and ďType BĒ aviator dial layouts, in both stainless steel and PVD-coated cases. At $680, this watch is an affordable conversation starter that tells a unique and specific story, and will hold its own as a modern tool. Bangalore Watch Company

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