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Thread: Timefactors' Smiths Everest Expedition

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    Timefactors' Smiths Everest Expedition

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    As some of you may know - I've been waiting on this one since I first heard about it back in the spring.
    As development went on I 'acquired' a couple of reservations about it and had almost talked myself out of it. Right up until order opening Sunday I wasn't certain I was going to get one; but when it came to 'zero hour' I decided I had to find out 'for real' what it was like. As we all know: Pictures (and other peoples' opinions) can only tell you so much.
    I had sufficient funds, so sat poised with my debit card to hand. A few clicks later and my order was confirmed.

    It arrived on Wednesday
    Seems I got number 19:
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    It feels solid and well put together, a couple of links removed (easy screw-in pins) and moved up a couple of holes in the clasp and it fits nice & snug.
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    With all links fitted it'd go around an 8˝" wrist easily.... though 36mm might look a bit lost on a wrist that large.

    Despite what this picture suggests - It sits nicely on my wrist and doesn't move about.
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    The case sides, bezel, & crown are all highly polished; with the case/lugs top surface brushed.
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    The crown is screw-down and is a bit of a fiddle to operate mainly due to the polished finish. Like a certain other member here: I'd have preferred a hand-wind, but with this crown ....I'm glad it's not.
    It's rated at 100M WR so shouldn't have to worry about taking the kids to the pool with it on.

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    The dial just reeks of mid-20th century England (to my mind). The blued hands and cream dial work well together, and I'm happy to say that the seconds hand is a little redder than I thought it was going to be. One of the reservations I had was that it looked a bit orange. The other niggle I had was with the gap between DE and LUXE.... In reality it's so small I hardly notice it, even with my glasses on I can barely read it.

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    Another reservation was regarding the 'pretend' riveted bracelet:
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    Close up it gives itself away, but who ever gets that close ? Yes, the 'rivets' look more like caps and shouldn't really be polished, and yes, the machined grooves are too wide and/or should be 'V' cut; but on the wrist it looks the part and for the price point you can't (shouldn't) really complain.

    As mentioned elsewhere - The clasp is much nicer than the 'other Everest' & Speedbird adjustable one:
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    Though I suspect the polished sides won't stay looking that good for very long.

    The lume is ok but nothing to write home about:
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    It works just fine and is neatly applied to the numerals, but doesn't really 'sing' and last all night like the PRS-29B lume does; but I'm putting that down to volume of application - The hands and numerals are somewhat finer than the '29' so there's only so much that can be applied and remain neat.

    To wrap up:
    I like it. It stirs up a bit of 'Old England' in my memory banks. Feels good on the wrist. The rotor doesn't sound horrid like the 1st generation PRS-25 Everest that I had.
    From 16:30 yesterday to now (23:12) it has gained 4 seconds against the GMT web clock.... That'll do for me.
    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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    Ebels (lots), IWC, Omega, FC, Eterna, Tag, Invicta, Movado
    If you are interested in the details

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    Nice watch and thanks for the review.

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    Nice write-up.

    As you know, it’s the reeking of mid-20th century England that had captured me too. It’s uncanny and potent.

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    Already said I like this one—lovely classic vibe.

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    There are Soooo many good things about that watch. It ticks a lot of boxes.
    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    Very nice indeed . Super close up of the hands and nice write up. Congratulations.

    Billy super duper

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    Great looking watch

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    Nice one - and thanks for the detailed review!
    Enjoy your new watch!
    It's the final countdown! PM me before they're all gone!

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    Stunner !!
    Congrats on one of the first mate

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