We’re less than two weeks away from*Windup Watch Fair New York City, and today we’re back with Part 3 of our Meet the Brands roundup of the great vendors you’ll see at this year’s show (and here’s Part 1*and Part 2*in case you missed them). Just a quick reminder — the 2019 New York City Windup Watch Fair will be hosted at Chelsea Market (75 9th Avenue) on October 25th through the 27th. Hours of operation are:
Friday, October 25th: 11:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday, October 26th: 11:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday, October 27th: 11:00am – 5:00pm
Let’s jump right in!


Nodus is a young brand out of Los Angeles founded by two friends, and in a very short amount of time they’ve grown quite the following among watch-heads. With their catalog of versatile sports watches like the Contrail and Avalon, they’re bringing together vintage design cues and modern specs at a totally reasonable price point. You can check out their newest watch, the Duality, at Windup. Nodus
Oak & Oscar

A beloved micro-brand, Oak & Oscar is a small Chicago-based operation founded by Chase Fancher. The brand’s had numerous hits, among them the Burnham, Sandford, Jackson, and Humboldt. Their latest watch, the limited edition Ashland, is a collaboration between Oak & Oscar and Wilson Sporting Goods. Windup is your chance to see this piece in the metal.*Oak & Oscar


A legendary micro-brand, Raven knows how to make a killer tool watch, like the Venture II, Trekker, and the Endeavor. Raven is back with their latest watch, the Solitude, which will be available for you to check out at the show, so if you’ve been thinking about plunking down some coin for one now is your chance to handle it in the metal. Raven

Spinnaker has been making waves in recent years by doing something very simple — they’ve been producing affordable, mostly mechanical watches that appeal to a wide assortment of collectors and enthusiasts. If you’ve ever wondered about some of their ranges, like the Dumas and Bradner, then Windup’s your chance to check out an assortment of watches from Spinnaker’s catalog. Spinnaker


A fan-favorite, Stowa is helmed by Jörg Schauer and produces timepieces that are historically inspired, but executed to exacting modern standards. And despite the high level of fit and finish, the watches are very reasonably priced. Standouts include the Flieger*and*Antea, and Stowa has recently expanded their catalog with some exciting new pieces, which they’ll have on hand for you to check out at the show (including our new limited edition Flieger Verus Grau LE).*Stowa
Those Watch Guys

We’ve had vintage watches at Windup since the show began, and this year is no different with the return of Those Watch Guys, who focus on reasonably-priced vintage pieces that you’ll want to wear and not just stick in a safe. Those Watch Guys

Unwind In Time

Unwind In Time specializes in the sale and service of Hamilton Electric watches, which are some of the most under-appreciated vintage watches around. Unwind In Time is owned and operated by Jarett Harkness, who took it over from his mentor, the legendary René Rondeau. Basically, if you want to find a solid Electric watch or you have one that needs a trip to the spa, then Unwind In Time is where you need to go. Unwind In Time

Vaer is a young brand that recently expanded their catalog by producing a line of mechanical field watches featuring either Japanese or Swiss movements. They concluded a highly successful kickstarter campaign for this mechanical range, and they’ll be offering the watches at the show for the same Early Bird pricing as they did on Kickstarter. Vaer


Based out of Portland, Oregon, VERO is creating modern, design-focused pieces with American-made cases, dials, and hands, which they produce in-house in their Portland workshop. Their minimal aesthetic sets them apart from other current “American-made” watches, and in the few short years they’ve been operating, VERO has grown by leaps and bounds. You’ll be able to check out their range, including their popular SW and Century collections, at this year’s show.*VERO
Vortic Watch Company

Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, Vortic takes refurbished, antique American pocket watch movements and dials and puts them in new American-made cases. Vortic has expanded into producing milled titanium cases, which they do in-house, for their Railroad Edition (you can learn more about their impressive operation here). We can’t spill the beans just yet, but they’ll have some new goodies that they’ll be debuting at the show this year.*Vortic Watch Company


Zelos has made a name for themselves and built quite the following with unique and at times complex designs that have utilized exotic materials such as Damascus steel and meteorite. Yet, despite the use of these typically high-cost materials, Zelos has maintained a very approachable price point for their watches. Zelos
Windup Watch Shop

As always, we’ll be there with all our leather goods, accessories, and of course, the watches we offer in the shop. We’ll also have an assortment of straps from Haveston and Rios, as well as our new tools and watch rolls.*If you’ve been eyeing a Model 2 Premium, or a new case for transporting your watches, or one of the many watches we stock, then Windup’s your chance to check these out *in person. And even if you’re not in the market for anything, swing on by and let’s talk watches. You know you want to. *Windup Watch Shop*

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