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Thread: Selling watches - customs fees

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    Selling watches - customs fees

    If you're buying or selling a watch to an individual in another country, who pays customs fees? As a buyer or seller, do you discuss or negotiate it beforehand?

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    The buyer in the country that imposes the customs fees always pays.

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    I thought it was 'a given' that the recipient is responsible for any local taxes/duties & fees.
    I've never sold outside of the EU; but have had to pay VAT etc. for all imports.
    In the UK the recipient gets a letter from Customs & Excise detailing owed duties/charges - If you don't pay, you don't get your parcel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ro63rto View Post
    The buyer in the country that imposes the customs fees always pays.

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    Pretty much what they've said. I've sold watches all over the world, and it's always the buyer who pay the fees (if applicable of course).

    I've also bought watches from many countries, and have never had to pay an additional fee.

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    Yup, buyer pays. There’s no reason for the seller to be concerned with the tariffs a buyer may have to pay.

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    Buyer pays

    And the buyer should totally be aware of them ... unless he/she's been living under a rock for the past 500 years.

    'Course what he/she pays is mostly down to what you declare the watch at on the forms
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