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Thread: DLC Puck Bracelet

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    DLC Puck Bracelet

    Anyone good at photoshopping ?

    I'd like to see how the 2nd pic in this post >> #silverpuck1 would look like with a DLC black puck attached ? (i.e. a bright stainless bracelet on a black puck)

    Thanks in advance
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    Chico is your man...maybe ask him in the MWC thread? He's a photoshop wizz

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    I don't know about a wizz, certainly no expert but is this the kind of thing you were looking for?

    Name:  20150521_100433_zpschudmifm.jpg
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    That's great Chicola , I also just found some images with a bit of googling , seems they supplied the silver bracelet with the black puck anyway.......

    Name:  pucksilver.jpg
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    Well, if no-one else is going to ask...... I will: Why ?
    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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    Cos I've a black puck (only on leather) and I saw the bracelet look yesterday on a bright stainless puck , and I thought .........

    I've just ordered a stainless pretty much like the one in the pic from amazon germany,should be with me next week, only 20 delivered

    and then I found a black one from China and ordered that , cost it was only 13 delivered.

    Both solid links and divers clasp

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    ^^^ Fair enough. I was just being nosey
    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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    Nosey Barsteward

    I'll flick some pics on here when arrives, the UK supplied bracelets are all just junk with that horrible clasp (Like the one shown , but ze german supplied ones are a different kettle.
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    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the real thing when you get it on the bracelet.
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    Def. will do

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