A new Super Sea Wolf joins the pack!

This beauty is a watch after my own heart; it’s the new Super Sea Wolf Limited Edition Andy Mann from Zodiac, which is due to drop this week, on October 24th.

In addition to the watch’s rather fetching design which I will get into shortly, this SSW highlights my most favorite of sharks –

the Oceanic Whitetip, a Pelagic Shark species found throughout the open waters of the tropics and sub-tropics.

It infamously arrived on the scene when the USS Indianapolis was sunk and was thought to have been responsible for the vast majority of shark fatalities.

Despite once being considered one of the most numerous of offshore shark species, it is now highly endangered.

It has been classified as vulnerable to extinction as its numbers have declined more than 80% since the 1960s. So that’s the shark element of this lovely watch.

So who’s Andy Mann? He sounds like someone who might help you out with the odd domestic repair or two (I realize that my English humor is often lost on many of you) –

however, he is in fact a renowned ocean, shark and adventure photographer and conservation cinematographer.

This special edition’s colest features can be attributed to the Zodiac brand ambassador, award winning photographer and conservationist.

Andy Mann specifically chose the Oceanic Whitetip as the inspiration for this watch as he has worked to protect it particularly through his efforts in the Bahamas.

Special features of the watch include the gorgeous gradient blue dial and an Oceanic Whitetip case-back engraving.

There is a shark fin 12hr index which is more your standard shark fin than the iconic rounded fin of the Whitetip.

Basic spec. include: a 44mm Stainless steel case, a Sapphire crystal, a chronometer-certified STP13 automatic movement and 1000 meters of water-resistance.

The Limited Edition of 182 pieces comes in a special dry box presentation pack along with an additional blue Velcro strap among other goodies. It will have an MSRP of around 1700USD.

If you aren’t ready for or somehow ended up missing out on this very cool watch – don’t worry!

OceanicTime has a special Oceanic Whitetip inspired vintage diver that has been in the works for several months, now.

It is being produced in cooperation with an old school Swiss brand; that’s all I can say for the moment, but I hope to be able to share full details with you all, soon.