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Thread: Wristwatch Review - Kustom Watch Review

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    Wristwatch Review - Kustom Watch Review

    Another week and another project seeks to take UNDONE’s crown as King of the customisable watches. We were sent a free sample of the Kustom watch to try for ourselves.
    Kustom Watch Review

    Unlike many other customisable watches, which rely on an online configurator so design your unique timepiece, Kustom has taken a modular approach. Yous select a dial (integrated into a self-contained unit), “case” (which the dial fits inside), fixed bezel (which locks the dial and case together) and strap. You can switch any part in and out without any tools, whenever you want. You can just buy multiple parts and combine them at will.
    Presentation is good, the watch parts come in their own little drawers within a cardboard slipcase. There are no assembly instructions – you access them online – but putting the watch together was so simple I managed it the first time I tried (on video, no less!).
    Kustom watch video review

    I won’t go through the point by point analysis of every element of the Kustom watch, as I normally would, as the whole point is that you pick and choose. What I can comment on is quality. This is a low-end quartz watch but, for the money, it is well made.
    The watch module itself has an unidentified quartz movement, but personally I consider the lowest Miyota and the highest ETA to be no different from the user’s perspective. The machining of the case part is well done with no sharp edges, and the radial brushing on the bezel looks good. The dial has a slight 3D effect from its markers which are all applied straight and the straps are exactly of the quality you would expect from a cheap watch – the canvas is significantly better than the leather option but does have a slightly rough edge like a cheap NATO.
    What I Liked

    • Who doesn’t want to be able to design and make their own watch?
    • The price of the parts is reasonable, and it would make a great gift package
    • There’s a place for a grab and go quartz in every collection

    What I Didn’t Like

    • I think an automatic option – even just a low-end Miyota 8 series – would significantly expand the potential market for the Kustom watch amongst enthusiasts
    • The straps are unimpressive, but easily replaced as they use a standard spring bar fitting
    • There is no option with a date function, which is a must on my daily wearers

    Buy a Kustom Watch

    A full-set of Kustom watch parts will set you back just under 200. You can configure the watch of your dreams at
    Products from

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