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Thread: Just what I needed ...

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    Just what I needed ...

    Another watch.

    Yesterday afternoon I went to a nearby walmart, and of course I checked out the watch counter. The very watch I mentioned a couple weeks ago as being on my radar because of it's dual interval CDT's was on sale for $25. This is the WS220-8. Its dark grey with blue lettering. That colorway wasnt my first choice but saving $15 made the decision for me considering that I plan on using this watch mainly for the CDT's it has in an all digital with large digits.

    Very comfortable and larger on the wrist than I thought. Seems about the same size as a DW6900 gshock. Its very light also and of course has quite a few features:
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    Casios "collection" lineup is always wallet-challenging!

    Nice to see a solar with repeating CDT.
    Its a rare geature on solar Casios.....

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    It's a great model. It was my every day watch while I was working as an arborist. Has seen a lot of abuse and kept on working flawlessly. Enjoy!

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    Congrats Greg!

    i actually love the color schemes! with some silver on the bezel, the front screws actually look harmonize with the overall look.. the digits look crisp like your 5030 and look really great on your wrist.

    for less than half that i paid mine, you did excellent score hehehehe... it will serve you as one of your fav non-G. =)

    btw, mine give a high five =)
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    Just what I needed ...

    Great catch Greg. Like especially the colour theme and boy what a nice crisp shot :-) :-) Enjoy

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