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Thread: Love finding really cheap gem of watches! (really) cheap incoming!

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    Love finding really cheap gem of watches! (really) cheap incoming!

    Just got this one in the mail. I been wanting to add a digi analogue for a while now as a beater. This called out to me in so many ways. For beaters I want light weight, durable, legible, slim, accurate and no batteries if possible. This checked all the boxes. Its a perfect size for a sport watch at 42mm but only 10mm thick...

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    Even has lume that actually works! Rare in a watch at this price range! Coming in from the yard into the dark hallway....

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    Not too many features but the ones that are there, multi time zones, date, stop watch, count down timer *multi alarms; are all of the most useful features IMO.
    Easy to set the time and operate after quick 5 minutes flipping through the manual. Oh yea, its also rated at 100M water resist!

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    Love black n orange. Super light weight & slim. 35 dollars, this will pay for itself in the use its going to get by the end of the month! I love my Rolex, Brietlings, Grand Seikos and other pieces but there is something about the "hunt" for a little gem of a watch that offers so much for so little. Just shows that you don't have to spend hundreds or thousands at times to get something you like and having fun with this hobby doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Have to say, Casio really delivered the goods on this AQS800W. Many times G Shocks overshadow these kinds of offerings but they should not be overlooked!
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    Very nice watch, I like it too!

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    $70 BIN, including shipping.
    New to me MDV-301 analog date Marlin

    With MDV-501 chronograph

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    Very nice, like I said, Casio has a lot of great options besides G Shocks when it comes to value for sure!

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    Sweet. Love the black and orange dial colors on these.
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    I think that's the beauty of of this hobby. There are so many options out there to chose from (in fact, too many), and we can always find a reason (excuse) why a particular piece should be added. There will always be an occasion (no matter how remote those occasions are) for it.

    I like the colour combination you picked. Wear it in good health!

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    Congrats JP!
    i always like that affordable solar ana-digi... casio does indeed amazing for the price.. very accurate, feature rich, and extremely durable... the fact that inexpensive watch could be dependable timepiece is true.

    it is very amusing to see a WIS like you could appreciate from rolex, grand seiko to casio... you're true WIS JP!

    btw, here's my beater sports watch that also solar... pretty comfy and have impresive features..
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    I could see myself wearing that wath. I find it rather cool, actually. Maybe I should get one.
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    Gotta love Casio! Looks great, -JP.

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