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Thread: I want a Sinn

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    I want a Sinn

    Hey Cats,

    Want to add a Sinn watch to the collection.

    Willing to trade my vintage Doxa Sharkhunter 300T for one.

    Watch shows plenty of dings, bangs, bumps and scratches. The crystal has a lot of scratches and a chip.

    The movement was serviced by its previous owner less than two years ago.

    Watch comes with its original bracelet with working spring loaded expansion links, sliding adjustable clasp and two rubber straps, orange ObrisMorgan and black Bonetto.

    Anything up to an 856 is fine, I prefer it to have a bracelet. Condition is not overly important just so long as it can be worn right away without me having to do or get anything done to it and it's not so bad the links are stretched on the bracelet etc. Box is not important either. The watch is going to be used as a weekender so it will be exposed to water and robust activity.

    Yes I know I should sell this thing because of it's high value and just buy a new Sinn and pocket the difference but I have little into this watch so I'm going to pass that along. Besides good karma allows me to do well anyway watch wise so karma must always be adhered to 😊

    I'll be sure to touch up the orange numbers on the bezel before it gets shipped out.

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    Black strap is no longer available, the girlfriend liked it a lot so it's on her pro diver now.


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    Update on condition.

    I have been submerging the watch but the last time it spent time under water it later steamed up a bit. I tightened the case back but have yet to take it for a swim to make sure it's good to go.

    Nonetheless I recommend that the new owner have it serviced for new seals.


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