Colors speak louder than words, but here are few in any case!

Doxa has a colorful new lineup that includes the SUB 200, SUB 300T and SUB 1500T models being rolled out (as of November 7th) with each model offering six permanent dial variants.

Choose from: DOXA’s signature Professional orange, Divingstar yellow, Aquamarine turquoise Caribbean blue, Searambler silver or Sharkhunter black.

Following in the spirit of the SUB 300T Conquistador introduced in 1969, the first non-military dive watch to be equipped with a Helium Release Valve, the SUB 1500T is a worthy successor – an authentic diver's watch built to withstand the toughest of challenges.

Its cushion-shaped case is made of high quality 316L Stainless steel. With a diameter of 45mm, the SUB 1500T is rated at 150 ATM for dives at depths up to 1,500 meters.

Paying tribute to the SUB 300T Conquistador, it features the same patented unidirectional rotating bezel and integrated Helium Relief Valve as its legendary predecessor.

All the elements that provide dive mission-critical information are equipped with a SLN luminescent coating to ensure optimum legibility underwater.

The bracelet is 316L Stainless steel and features a folding clasp with the DOXA fish logon embossed. MSRP is 2,390USD.