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Thread: Before...and after

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    Before...and after

    Restoration can be beautiful. Not inexpensive...but beautiful. Here are two views of the same watch, before and after a trip to the gnomes. Note the replaced marker at 3, and the new crown. You don't want to read the list of replacements and refurbishments done! Also, while it's not obvious, the bracelet has had it's last removable link removed, and the maximum slack taken up at the clasp (this clasp has 6 positions), so that it now actually fits my puny 6 1/4 left wrist - but it won't go any smaller without major surgery. Actually...I *might* loosen it by one position. This bracelet looks like steel, but feels like (broken in) leather.

    From 1963 (and 2015), the classic Omega Constellation piepan - silver on silver - Dorian Gray's personal timepiece.

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    Lovely, Kenneth...enjoy your beautiful Omega.

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    Beautiful Kenneth. I am a fan of restoration, where necessary, and have bought numerous watches for that specific purpose.

    I do the restorations myself, but then I have never bought an Omega for restoration either.

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    quite stunning ! i'm not surprised at the outcome at all -superb watch - always love these with the rice grain bracelets especially -nice to put on leather occasionally but somehow the bracelets are part and parcel of the over all l look and feel to a Connie -superb and well done - i'm guessing i know to the penny the cost but well worth it -stunning !

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    4,384 the piepan! What a difference; the dial turned out beautifully!

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    Excellent restoration! They have done a wonderful job on the dial!

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    Wow !

    The dial is just fantastic.
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    How come they retained all the text, bar the 'swiss made' ?

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    That looks great! well done and enjoy! Love to see those restoration jobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post
    How come they retained all the text, bar the 'swiss made' ?
    the "Swiss Made" is there, hiding under the bezel. I'm looking at it right now, on my wrist, looking straight down on the dial. The photo was taken at a slight angle.
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    La lutte elle-même vers les sommets suffit à remplir un cœur d'homme; il faut imaginer Sisyphe heureux.

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