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Thread: The joy of fulfilling a long felt want

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    The joy of fulfilling a long felt want

    Sitting around this afternoon doing not very much of anything I got that itch, you know the one, the one that has you browsing eBay and watch forum sales boards looking for a watch that is the right price that you can buy it without feeling too guilty about it.
    I chanced across something that had been listed just a few hours before on another board, but which looked like it had sold. On the off chance I contacted the seller and found that the apparent sale had just dropped through and the watch was mine for the taking. It's nothing too fancy, but it is a watch that I really wanted way back when in my early days as a WIS, one that ticked a lot of the right boxes for me then and still does now.
    • Classic good looks (okay, it is a homage, but it's a homage of the watch everyone homages)
    • Great dimensions (39mm diameter with 20mm lugs)
    • Sapphire crystal
    • Auto movement
    • Low, low price
    • Awesome logo

    Ladies and gents, I present the Orient CER00008D0

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    Congratulations on scratching that persistent itch that we WIS's all feel.
    I look forward to plenty of pics when it arrives.
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    it is a watch that I really wanted way back when in my early days as a WIS
    Congratulations! This is very nice piece!
    I wish it'll give you that feeling, when a teen puts THE watch on his wrist and screams "YES!"
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    Looks to be in great condition - and no need to feel any guilt - an itch is a medical condition and treating it promptly is a medical necessity!

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    Sweet. Perfect strap for that watch.
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    Thanks guys, I will, of course, post pics and thoughts when it reaches me

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    Very nice!! Can't go wrong with an Orient, and I agree with Nokie...that strap is perfect. Itch well scratched

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatmeworry View Post
    .....Ladies and gents, I present the Orient CER00008D0....
    Ahhh, nothing beats the romanticism of an Orient model number


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    The watch arrived this morning and is super. Pics to follow

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    On a leather Nato

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