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Thread: Time and Tide - 8 incredible vintage watches from Vacheron Constantin Les Collectionn

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    Time and Tide - 8 incredible vintage watches from Vacheron Constantin Les Collectionn

    I have always found it strange that the majority of watch brands, who rely so heavily on their long history to market their watches, also make it very difficult for collectors to access any information on vintage pieces from that same brand. Admittedly, there are several brands that are able to provide interested owners with archival extracts for their vintage watches, but it is a minority of manufacturers who support enthusiasm for any watches that were not released last Baselworld. One of the brands in this more broad-minded minority is Vacheron Constantin, whose Les Collectionneurs watches have recently arrived at their Melbourne boutique. The premise of the collection is that the brand will acquire rare and interesting examples of vintage Vacheron Constantin, either at auction or from private collections, before restoring them at their own manufacture to the best possible condition. From there, these watches are then offered for sale with a certificate of guarantee and a 2-year warranty period, as well as coming with the history of the watch from the Vacheron Constantin archives, outlining when and where the watch was originally sold, period correct details of the case and movement, and the historical context that outline the importance…

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    Mmmmmmmmm, all very nice
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    Mmmmmmmmm, all very nice
    Oh yes.
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