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Thread: Finally - and improbably - A Happy Ending!

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    Finally - and improbably - A Happy Ending!

    Far too long ago, I took a gamble on a Tudor. There were very good reasons not to buy it. The seller's feedback was a trainwreck, the watch was clearly a mess and I really had better things to do. As some may remember, it didn't go well.

    This thread details just how far down the rabbit hole things went:

    Eventually, I sorted everything out so that everyone got what they should have had, and then sat on the watch for a while to see if there was a scam and how it would play out.

    Apparently there wasn't and I've had a few messages from the seller asking how things are going. Whatever else he is, he's a bloody strange puppy and I'm not playing, but eventually I relaxed and sent the watch, balance and a spare movement off to be fixed. This morning I finally got a phone call.

    And here it is:

    There's a number of reasons why I'm delighted. First and foremost there's few things as delightful as a well aged vintage watch. However, this is no ordinary vintage watch, it's one of the very few two piece Rolex cases, it's also one of the very few Ovettone (Big Egg) cases.

    So it's a thick chunk of metal, 35mm across and exactly 10mm deep.

    However, it keeps getting better:

    Because it's the handwind version, identical in all but movement and a line of text on the dial, to the watch used in the North Greenland Expedition or '52 - '54.

    Which, I'm pretty sure, means that it's the same case as the Rolex 6098 worn on Everest and, apart from the logo, it's one of the dial variations worn on Everest in 52 and 53.

    So it's been a long journey, but finally, It's over and, on balance, with the watch positively glowing on my wrist, it was worth it.


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    I like ‘shock resisting’. It sounds more active than ‘resistant’. Nothing passive here, the struggle against shock never pauses for a moment.

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    Brilliant, Matt!
    Congrats on reaching your goal after all the trials and tribulations
    A fascinating bit of history, and a damn fine watch to boot
    Enjoy it in good health!
    It's the final countdown! PM me before they're all gone!

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    Glad the tortured story had a happy ending.

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    He’s Messaged, he wants you to take back the money, hold on to it for 16 days, then transfer it to his mum’s account , don’t be perturbed by the different surname though, that’ll all become clear when she sends it back to you again !
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    That was a strange buying experience to say the least. I'm very glad the watch ended up on your wrist instead of internet limbo. Congratulations on a lovely find!
    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    Very well done mate. A pain , but turned out as a stunner . Cheers

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    Well worth the trouble.

    The adventures of Bob the Traveling Watch

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