Want to stop a watch collector in their tracks? Just say “stainless steel sports watch” aloud. Want to start a collector stampede? Add “integrated bracelet” in there as well. In the last few years, thanks to – hmmm – a mix of strategic “manufacturing shortages” and well-implemented hype, the luxury steel sports watch has become something of a unicorn. And not even vintage, rather modern, new-in-box watches from major brands – with few are as coveted as those with integrated bracelets. The very definition of “Veblen goods” – it’s astonishing to see people pay more and more for something that should be very easy to get.

Of course, we’re not really here to talk about those watches. There is an obvious irony in the idea of the scarcity of steel sports watches when those of us who enjoy and collect affordable watches know – well – they are quite abundant. Undoubtedly playing off of this theme, DuFa (Deutsche Uhrenfabrik), has created the*Günter, an integrated steel sports watch that is not only quite affordable, but will likely satisfy an aesthetic itch for the unobtanium mentioned earlier.

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