Another month, another Spinnaker. How do they manage to make so many new designs? This time we look at the Spinnaker Amalfi SP-5074.
Spinnaker Amalfi SP-5074 Review

I’ve really grown to love Spinnaker. Yes, it is a big company behaving as if it was a microbrand but they produce eye-catching designs, build quality has been excellent on all the watches I have reviewed and – as long as you use a discount code (such as WRUK) on then the pricing is very competitive too. Bear in mind when reading reviews on the web that Spinnaker gives watches to reviewers to keep and pays a small commission when you use their discount codes. In WRUK’s case this goes straight back into the costs of running the website.

I’ll not mention the packaging – it’s the same spartan cardboard box as every other Spinnaker watch and the inside of mine was a bit squished on arrival. It soon became clear when I picked the watch up – this thing is massive. You would expect a 46mm diameter watch that is 15mm thick to be heavy, and the thing certainly feels weighty in the hand. The 24mm solid link bracelet adds even more heft, but on the wrist, it is surprisingly well-balanced. The short lugs help to prevent overhang and I wore it all week without really noticing it.
The sapphire crystal was pretty much glare-free from most angles, and the crown manipulated the Seiko NH35 movement with no trace of grittiness or imprecision. I particularly like the 3D shape of the bezel, which is indented from 0-20 minutes. This is certainly a bold watch, but despite its size it wears really well on my average-sized (7.5″) wrist. Think of some of Seiko’s bigger designs (e.g. the SUN025 GMT) and you won’t go far wrong for how it feels.
The final noteworthy point is that the rotor – which is usually painted black on Spinnaker watches – is actually blue, to match the dial. I am not a fan of the black rotor but this blue one was marginally better to my eyes. It really needs some more colour to balance it, though. For example, a blue enamelled ring around the rear display window would look good.
Dial and Hands

Spinnaker dials are always interesting, and the Amalfi’s is no different. It is made up of three layers: a base upon which the applied Spinnaker logo and 200 metre depth rating sit, then an outer ring with applied rectangular hour markers on top. An angled chapter ring completes the Seiko-esque feel.
The hands have an unusual design, with a semi-skeletonised arrow for hours and red minute and second hands. I really liked the way the colours go together in this version – I’m not too sure about some of the other colour schemes, though.

The 24mm solid link bracelet is weighty but works well to balance the watch and stop it being top-heavy. End links and mid links are all solid steel, It fits together with simple split pins, not the screws you sometimes see at this price point, but it fits into a standard pin-push tool (just) and they pushed in and out with no resistance or tightness.
The stock squeeze-release clasp is one that I have seen on dozens of watches in this price range and it is fine – but I hope Spinnaker will introduce something different like a ratcheting design in the future. It has a proper clip out diver’s extension, which is not as common as you might think on diver-style watches at the lower end of the market.
Spinnaker Amalfi SP-5074 Video Review

What I Liked

  • This is a really chunky watch and everything feels solid and well-machined
  • Despite its size and heft, the balance is perfect and it didn’t bother me or become uncomfortable when I had it on.
  • I love the styling of the current Spinnaker watches, they have a very strong brand identity at the moment

What I Didn’t Like

  • Despite the short lugs, 46mm is just going to be too big for a lot of people to contemplate wearing
  • The black and blue watched look great, the teal and orange variants are a bit more of an acquired taste
  • The price of Spinnaker watches is creeping up and if it continues they will be approaching more difficult territory dominated by brands like Christopher Ward.

Spinnaker Amalfi SP-5074 – The WRUK Verdict

Yes, the Spinnaker Amalfi is big diver’s watch but it wears a lot better than the dimensions would suggest. I thoroughly enjoyed my week with the Amalfi as my daily wearer and it is a strong contender for my summer holiday watch in 2020. It’s the best Spinnaker watch I have seen so far.
Buy a Spinnaker Amalfi

The Spinnaker Amalfi is available on December 4th but you can sign up now to register your interest. Remember to always use the code WRUK at for a discount of 15%.
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