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Thread: A 10-12 year wait for a Rolex?

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    A 10-12 year wait for a Rolex?


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    That seems absurd. They were talking to dealers in the Middle East, maybe thatís a local phenomenon there.

    I think itís like any other silly bubble; it will burst sooner rather than later.

    One piece of anectodal evidenceóI saw a Hulk in the Boston Tourneau store in their preowned section. First time Iíve seen one in a store in years. I suspect thatís a sign that things will be changing. No, I didnít ask about price, since I donít need one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckmiller View Post
    Is it really that bad now?

    Generally, no, and a waiting list is only theoretical once it passes a year or two. People change their minds, people die, models are discontinued. There seem to be people getting Hulks within a year or two - and without being big spenders at their dealer.

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