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Thread: DW6900 paint work

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    DW6900 paint work

    Hello, G-shock forum!
    Everybody knows my hand-me-down blacked out DW6900. This workhorse has been in our family since 1897.
    It's gone through 2 World Wars, crossed Equator, Gobi Desert, Atlantic ocean, and visited 21 counties!

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    so, I decided it's time to give this tough guy a bit of paint work.

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    Here you go, old pal!
    Although, yellow dots on the band look like overkill, I think it's OK, considering, this veteran
    is going to my 14 year old son next week.
    And this is all I wanted to share with you today, my friends.


    P.S. Never mind smudges in some places, I'll clean it up when the paint is completely dry.
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    Awesome that you are giving it to your son.

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    Very Cool lookin' Mod!

    thanks for sharing! and kudos to yelloying the dots! hehehe.. i'm sure your son would love that G.

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