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Thread: Nice Seiko

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    Nice Seiko

    Save the lack of lume, and PCLsName:  Seiko-Recraft-Mechanical-SNKM97-aBlogtoWatch-22.jpg
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    Necessary Data
    >Brand: Seiko
    >Model: Recraft Series Automatic SNKM97
    >Price: $235 USD
    >Size: 43.5mm

    Kinda big but it might wear smaller.

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    It's nice enough and I'd probably wear it, but given my current collection mantra is quality* over quantity, I'm gonna have to give it a pass. Oh yea, and the lack of lume really doesn't turn me off a bit.

    *It's important to note that when I say quality I'm not meaning solely expensive pieces, but a sum of all the qualities I like in a watch that makes it near the top of it's "pack". I'm trying to keep the number down and only focus on watches I really love that will see more wrist time vs having a slew of lesser loved watches that might touch my writs once a quarter.

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    I really like it, but 44mm would be to BIG for my puny 6,7" wrist.. (although i got 44mm aeroflight fossil... and yes it is to big for me =)

    i wish it is 2-3mm smaller.. if i have this particular green dial and gold hands, i'll put it on a selfmade thick brown leather strap and rockin' it with pride =)

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    That flange is so large they could have put the hours on it as well, and made it rotating too.

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    Not my style, but I like how it invokes the memory of vintage Seikos without copying a specific one.

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    Oh I don't mind copying by the same company. See tissot and Longines' heritage lines.
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    Like the look but too big for me......
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    Looks like Radiomir 1940 case to me...liking the case and dial combo though...

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    Love the overall design, but 44mm is a big watch.

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    One of my biggest odd watch peeves is a day/date frame with rounded corners.I hate 'em. It's even worse if it is then surrounded by a square cornered object. It's a deal breaker.

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