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Thread: Help me interview the Breitling Jet Team

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    Help me interview the Breitling Jet Team

    I'll be visiting with the Breitling jet team and I need some questions to ask them.

    Shoot me a few that I should cover while I'm there.

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    1 What speeds are most of their formation maneuvers begun at? (this will vary, they'll have entry speeds for loops etc., mostly curious about straight and level formation speeds). Also possibly max demonstration speeds (the L39 is no real speed demon, but damn it's a sexy looking airplane!).

    2 Do they run hot ejection seats or have they been de-activated? (common practice here in the States is to de-activate them, though some do run them hot, which I would prefer if I had one).

    3 In tight formation, what is their separation up to down and side to side?

    4 Do they all wear the same Breitling watch (if they do I'll bet it's an Emergency) or can they choose others (and which ones do they all wear)?

    5 Where have they enjoyed flying/performing most?

    6 Can I have a ride? (You can ask for me if you'd like, but since it's your interview, I'd suggest you try hard to worm your way into the back seat! And if Ron is there, make sure he doesn't downplay the flying he did in 'Nam, I'll bet they'd be dragging him to the planes!).

    7 Try to get their radio frequencies (they may use several, get as many as you can, it will save me scanning time at the shows I attend). Note, they may refuse on security grounds. If so, no big deal. I can find them, just might miss some (also might find references on line).
    Regards, T Bone

    Even a broken watch shows correct time once or twice a day. I ought to know, I have a few!

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