It’s hammertime!

Ulysse Nardin continue with their onslaught of the luxury Swiss diver’s watch segment with yet another stunning new collection.

Hot on the heels of November’s launch of the Diver X & Lady Diver, Ulysse Nardin is back again with the latest chapter in their diver story.

And once again they pay homage to the iconic hammerhead shark, a special Limited Edition model within the collection of three new diving chronographs.

This is the all-new Diver Chronograph & Chronograph Hammerhead Shark collection.

With 3 bold looks the 44mm chronographs are available in: a Black & Titanium, UN-Blue & Rose Gold, and a Blue Red & Titanium.

It took UN a whole year to redesign the collection: the DIVER 44mm and the DIVER 42mm were launched in 2018.

The Diver X which includes: the ANTARCTICA, the CAPE HORN and NEMO POINT models as well as the Diver LADY were launched just last month.

UN’s designers have reworked and cleverly incorporated all their diver symbols throughout the entire collection:

the pin buckle is just one easily identifiable UN signature element and of course the rotational, inverted and concave bezel with domed Sapphire crystal.

The star of the new collection is the new Hammerhead Shark Limited Edition; just 300 pieces will be available.

It features a hammerhead shark engraved on its case-back, a nod to its big brothers, the Diver Great White 44mm and the Diver Blue Shark 42mm.

UN say of the special grid pattern engraved behind the hammerhead’s gaping mouth, that it reinforces the shark’s aggressiveness while adding a touch of style and masculinity.

Sharks are certainly manly looking creatures but we must remember that are not necessarily aggressive towards humans – hammerheads in particular are quite shy.

In addition, UN say that they choose to use a frontal rather than side profile, for a bolder and more assertive look. Don’t you just wanna’ give him a big kiss!

This new chronograph is also powered by the UN-150 automatic manufacture movement with a Silicium escapement and 48 hours power reserve.

Touches of red are everywhere: from the bezel joint, the chronograph seconds hand, the start/stop/reset pushers and finally the rubber strap with a red hammerhead shark sculpted in the rubber at 12 o’clock.

The unique side plate is also engraved with red numbers.

The next model in the new trio is the Diver Chronograph 44MM Black & Titanium. This model comes with a Sapphire case-back, the bezel and the UN element are manufactured in Titanium with black rubberized bezel.

The watch’s face has a couple of elements are colored in red such as the central second hand. All the essential diver codes are present: ultra-resistant Sapphire crystal, screwed crown, SLN on the 0, a uni-rotating bezel and water-resistance to 300 meters.

Strap options include: a rubber strap, metal bracelet or fabric strap with closing scratch.

The third model in the new collection is the Diver Chronograph 44MM Blue & Rose Gold. This model’s case, case-back, bezel and the UN emblem are all manufactured in 5N rose gold.

The hands, the UN anchor logo and the bezel indexes are also Rose Gold colored.

All the essential diver features are here: a Sapphire crystal, screwed-crown, SLN on the 0, uni-rotational bezel and a water-resistance to 300 meters.

Strap options are include: a rubber strap, metal bracelet or fabric strap with closing scratch.

Prices for the Diver Chronograph collection are as follows: ref. 1503-170-3/93-HAMMER: 11’900 CHF, ref. 1503-170-3/92: 11’500 CHF, ref. 1502-170-3/93: 38’500 CHF.

Thoughts? UN is one of the hottest and most proactive brands in this segment. This new collection of diving chronos epitomizes what UN is about - exciting, modern diver orientated designs.

They have been developing the iconic blue & red HAMMERHEAD editions for a few years now – I have loved them all.

I am not sure they have the lasting appeal of say a Submariner but they are certainly evocative of the ocean and offer a refreshing break from the slew of vintage inspired divers that we see day in day out.

What do you think? Would you buy one?