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Thread: Interesting dilemma - Exp I 14270 vs Railmaster 2504.52

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    Interesting dilemma - Exp I 14270 vs Railmaster 2504.52

    As the title states, between the 2, which one would you get?
    I've always been tempted by the 36mm Exp I and the 36mm Railmaster and now I have the opportunity to purchase both, but I can only get one.

    The Railmaster is much rarer, but its also expensive now, thanks to its rarity and aesthetically, it looks quite similar to the AT.
    The Exp I is a well known classic, and I adore the tritium dialed 14270s.

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    Since the Railmaster looks so much like the Aqua Terra (can you get a 39mm AT for less than you can get the 36mm Railmaster?), I'm leaning to the Explorer. But, since the Railmaster is so rare, you could get it and then easily move it if you decide that you really wanted the Explorer, and I'd bet the Explorer would be easier to find. The Railmaster might be the choice here just to avoid any regret.

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    I think the Railmaster is closer to the 1016 than the current Explorer so for what it's worth, I'd base my decision based on which iteration of the Explorer I preferred. The relative rarity of the 36mm Railmaster merits almost equal consideration.

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    Cruel dilemma

    Even if the Expl I is not a rare bird I'd prefer this one.
    Easy to service , workhorse movement...

    It doesn't mean I dislike the Railmaster.
    Just a soft spot for the Expl I
    "chirp, chirp"

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    Staggeringly thorough review of the 36mm Railmaster:

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    Explorer 1 for me, although I do like the Railmaster a lot

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    If you have an equal desire for the two watches regardless of availability, then choosing the scarce one now makes sense.

    If the equality of desire is happening because one you like and one is rare, go for the one you like.

    Unless owning rare things is something that is an especial pleasure for you.

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    when in doubt.... get BOTH..

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    The problem for the OP is : money for only one watch IIRC
    "chirp, chirp"

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