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Thread: What is your favorite "Stainless steel sports watch"?

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    What is your favorite "Stainless steel sports watch"?

    It seems like they are kinda coming back ( not that they have gone anywhere) with the introduction of the Silver Eagle and the BR05.
    Some of usual suspects include the following:
    1.- AP Royal Oak
    2.- PP Nautilus
    3.- VC Overseas
    4.- GP Laureato
    5.- ML Aikon
    6.- BR BR05
    7.- Chopard Alpine Eagle
    8.- Cartier Santos? (Geometrical shape and integrated bracelet).
    9.- IWC Ingenieur (previous iteration)
    10.- Zenith Defy

    Do you own one? would you consider one for your collection? One thing that they all have in common which is a deal breaker for me is the double folding butterfly clasp. There's nothing inherently wrong with this clasp but it's just too plain IMHO, it does not let you do much micro adjustment nor "adjust on the fly" function.
    Anyway, what do you think?

    Happy Holidays

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    I absolutely love my VC OS, but I like many of the others you posted, especially the APRO, GP and Zenith.

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    A stainless steel sports watch with a blue dial is not only a classic but it seems to me (subjectively, I admit) to being the ideal candidate in a 'one watch' scenario. At least this was the reasoning behind my choice of DJ2 as my Rolex - I did not think there would be another Rolex any time soon, if ever, so I wanted it to be all things. And after a few years with it, I'm not sure I wasn't right. It certainly is very versatile and has one of the nicest (and most chameleon-like) blue dials I have ever seen. Depsite the controversy over the proportions and size, I think 41mm is a great size for such a watch and I happen to prefer the 'chunky' proportions of the DJ2 over the more dressy proportions on the 'fixed' DJ41.

    The 5mm 'easylink' adjustment on the catch is a great addition, but I recently discovered that there are also three sets of pin holes on the clasp, alowing further fine-tuning. It should be possible for you to get a comfortable fit.

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    So we’re talking non-diver, non-chronograph? Hmm, I’m going to have to think on this. Instinctively, I’d say Royal Oak, but my favorite Royal Oak is the chronograph. Maybe the Rolex OP39 or Explorer edges out the AP for me. Do GMTs count in the sports watch category, or are we strictly talking no bezels?
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    I'm lucky enough to own my two favorite SS sports watches, in the exact versions I wanted.

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    If you're not including divers and chronos I would throw in a vote for the OP I sold recently

    Name:  rolex-oyster-perpetual-34-stainless-steel-red-grape-index-dial-smooth-bezel-oyster-bracelet-1142.jpg
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    Lovely and balanced with no date window, built like a tank and perhaps the ideal "only watch" as it fits into most situations.

    Oh, and that dial really, really stands out!
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    What is your favorite "Stainless steel sports watch"?

    In my collection Rolex Sub plays the ss sport watch role, while Sinn UX is the diver and beater.

    But in the spirit of this thread my favourites are Zenith Defy and Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39.

    One time I seriously considered IWC Ingenieur 3239, but couldn't justify the price.

    All pics off the net...

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    What is your favorite "Stainless steel sports watch"?

    Bar none the one Iíve praise since I bought it. Polar white Explorer II. If you ever see mine in person, you can tell it actually been used as intended ( and I know several others who have one that the same can be said). This is a real tool sport watch where most others are pretenders.

    Now if your willing to accept a bit less usability, but a lot more looks this is my choice. The Moser Funky Blue Black. Moser sent one on a world tour kind of like the Bob watch. Itís holding up well nearly a year into the tour. Proof itís not just a looker, but a watch that can take abuse.

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    I absolutely love these two.

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    Name:  Screenshot_20191214-231101_Instagram.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantasio View Post
    One time I seriously considered IWC Ingenieur 3239, but couldn't justify the price.
    Likewise, really like the Ingenieur; but it's 3rd in line for me after these:

    Top of the list...
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    Tried one on a couple of years ago and it's just 'so right' ... one day.

    Then there's this...
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    Small, but beautifully formed.

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    If I wanted a stainless steel watch for sport, Iíd buy something like a Seiko or Certina, probably quartz.

    If I wanted a luxury watch with decent water resistance, then Rolex would be at the top of the list with the Explorer and Oyster Professional. Iíd also consider the JLC Polaris and the IWC Ingenieur.

    I donít dislike the Genta/angular type, but they have their feet firmly planted in the 1970s, and thatís my least favourite decade for style. For the long haul, I prefer round watches.

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