Doxa have started rolling out their new style of rubber straps. They will eventually equip all Doxa models with a new BOR (bead of rice) style FKM rubber straps with buckle.

The FKM strap will replace the previous, ribbed rubber straps with embossed Doxa branding on them.

According to Wiki, FKM is a family of fluoroelastomer materials defined by the ASTM International standard D1418. It is equivalent to FPM by ISO/DIN 1629 standard.

Fluoroelastomers are more expensive than neoprene or nitrile rubber elastomers. They provide additional heat and chemical resistance.

The new Doxa FKM rubber straps will be offered in six bold colors:

orange (Professional models), yellow (Divingstar models), navy blue (Caribbean models), turquoise (Aquamarine models), and black (Sharkhunter and Searambler models).

First upper to get the new rubber is Doxa’s latest model, the SUB 200 which was unveiled at Baselworld 2019.

The Sub 200 is Doxa’s entry level model, a 3-hand diver's watch with a 42mm 316L Stainless steel case and 200 meters of water-resistance.

Thoughts? It’s gonna’ be hard to comment until I’ve seen one in the flesh so to speak but I quite like the old rubber straps, but perhaps they were to similar to Breitling's Pro strap.

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