“Watches, Stories, and Gear” is a roundup of some of our favorite watch content on Worn & Wound, great stories from around the web, and cool gear that we’ve got our eye on.
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Worn & Wound
Rewriting Horological History: London Watchmaking, Swiss Forgeries, and the Advent of Mass Production

For many, this weekend marks the start of a long holiday break, so we’ll begin with one of our favorite long reads from the Worn & Wound archive. This story about horological researcher Rebecca Struthers and her incredible discovery of how Swiss made fakes of English watches shifted the watch world’s perspective on when, exactly, mass production in watchmaking really began is one of our favorites from the last few years.

The Artemis Mission*

If you donít follow NASA on Youtube, youíre really missing out. This week, they posted this 5 minute animated video that is essentially a crash course on the Artemis mission, designed to get us back to the moon (and beyond) in 2024. Get your Speedmasters ready, weíre going back!

The Best Optical*Illusion of the Year Will Mess With Your Head

Did you know that every year, the Neural Correlate Society sponsors a contest to name the worldís best optical illusion? Well, now you do. And this article from Vice goes into how this yearís winner was created, and includes a video of the illusion. If at first it doesnít seem like much is happening, just give it about 30 seconds – I think youíll be impressed with the creativity that went into making this.

The New York Times
The Decade in Pictures

The New York Times has unveiled their collection of the most significant photos of the decade. This is one thatís worth taking your time and browsing through slowly. The imagery is unforgettable, and will surely cause you to reflect over everything thatís happened in a decade that was, as they all are, tumultuous, wonderful, tragic, and beautiful,

The 40 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

This being the last Watches, Stories, and Gear Column before Christmas, weíd be remiss if we didnít share this thorough examination of the 40 best Christmas movies of all time. There are some real gems here, and probably the start of a good debate about placement, as well (are there really 25 better Christmas movies than Elf?). But, to answer the questions that likely popped to mind immediately: Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and yes, it appears in the top 10 of this list.

The Verge
Citizen Smart Clock

Smart devices are everywhere, and Amazonís Echo platform is one of the leaders in the segment. While here at Worn & Wound, we may never fully embrace the smart watch (at least at the expense of something more old fashioned), I think we can all get on board with a more attractive, classically styled smart clock. Thatís what Citizen is offering here, with an Alexa-enabled wall hanging clock that looks just like any other (very nice) Citizen clock that isnít connected to the world wide web. Itís a definite step up in style over the Amazon branded version, and proves that getting connected doesnít mean sacrificing good design.*

Peak Design
Travel Tripod

If you’re a photographer on the go, you’ve probably experimented with all kinds of travel tripod solutions. There always seems to be a compromise – either they’re too big and bulk to be truly portable, or they’re so light and flimsy you think twice about pairing them them with your pricey gear. Peak Design’s Travel Tripod might be the solution you’ve been after. It’s made with high quality materials and has been engineered to do away with the negative space found in conventional travel tripods, providing an intuitive and elegant solution that will have you wondering why nobody had thought of this before.

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