Back in June we brought you a first look at a pretty interesting pilotís chronograph from A-13A. A mechanical version of their popular quartz model, this chrono not only incorporates flyback functionality, but uses a central minutes counter as well. Mark McArthur-Christie went into detail on how brand founder Paulo Fanto arrived at his preferred movement for his new watch, and cockpit tools that inspired its design. Earlier this year, Mark handled a prototype of the mechanical A-13A, and weíre happy to report today that the next stage of its development has arrived with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign.
An Instagram post from the A-13A account teased the forthcoming Kickstarter campaign over the weekend. That campaign is set to start today, on Christmas, at 18:00 Eastern Time, and we canít think of a better gift to chronograph lovers than a new chrono with a genuinely interesting movement. If you’ve had your eye out for this one, watch this space. We’ll update with a link to the campaign when it goes live. For now, be sure to check out the A-13A website for more information about the brand. A-13A

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