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Thread: Vintage GP Sea Hawks

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    Vintage GP Sea Hawks

    Is there anyone here who will claim to be an expert on Girard Perregaux Sea Hawks? I've liked them for a while now and have recently become more familiar with them but have recently fallen for them would like to get a vintage (1950s-1960s version) but need some help. I've found several on eBay, many I've immediately eliminated because they were redials or a Frankenwatch or in some other way not original. The insides (hands, indices, dial and movement) need to be original and as untouched as possible, while I'm a more flexible on the outside (crystal can be new, polished case is ok). I found one that would go really well with the Zodiac Sea Wolf I l already have and the Eterna KonTiki (1958 version) I want to get. That will be a nice trifecta of watches; Sea Wolf, Sea Hawk and KonTiki.

    Anyway, I need help sorting out the wheat from the chafe, as it were. Can anyone say anything about the authenticity and originality of this 1960 GP Sea Hawk from eBay? I really like the look and it compliments my Sea Wolf, but I don't know enough about Sea Hawks to know if this is legit. It seems like the original dial and case and hands all seem to show consistent age that is appropriate to the watch, but I can't quite tell. Is there a forum for GP or Sea Hawk enthusiasts?


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    Wish I could help, but that topic is beyond my resources.


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