Anyone for a little G-SHOCK FULL METAL action before the yearís out?

Hereís proof that Casio want into the luxury watch market and Iím not just talking about ultra-limited edition statement pieces like the 69í000USD PURE GOLD.

Iím talking about the humble G going up against say an Oris Aquis Titanium because for 1í600USD you could get the new G-SHOCK 5000 Series Full Titanium or the aforementioned Aquis Ti, which is crazy!

So hereís why Casio are asking 1.6K for the latest G-SHOCK, which went on sale in Japan last month but will be hitting the rest of Asia as well as US and EU markets right about now.

This latest addition to G-SHOCKís shock-resistant family is the, the first watch in the square-shaped 5000 series to use Titanium for its main exterior components.

Titanium has been used for all its main components: case, band, bezel, case-back, and buttons. Since Titanium is much lighter than Stainless steel, the new model is 57 grams lighter than its Steel predecessor, the GMW-B5000D.

In terms of appearance, the GMW-B5000TB features a screw-back case for a tight seal and a black case with gold lettering and lines, recalling the look of the DW-5000C-1B, the first-ever G-SHOCK.

DLC (Diamond-like-Carbon) (DLC) has been applied to the metal components while the glass is made from scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal with a non-reflective coating applied.

The display uses an STN-LCD that offers superior viewing angles for enhanced readability, which Casio says makes it considerably easier to read the time.

The GMW-B5000TB also features smartphone connectivity to adjust the time and configure World Time and other settings easily from your phone.

You can go to Casioís news page for a comprehensive list of all the GMW-B5000TBís specifications.

Thoughts? I really like the direction that G-SHOCK is heading. Personally, I prefer the look of the STEEL as it has real impact.

This is nice but despite all its Ti and DLC itís kindaí disguised as something much cheaper Ė also Iím just not sure that I could convince be to cough up 1600USD on Japanese digital.