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Thread: Grand Seiko - bracelet vs leather

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    Grand Seiko - bracelet vs leather

    Does anyone know if the GS bracelet will fit all or different models?

    I generally prefer wearing watches on leather, and very happy with my dressy GS which is native on leather, but since it is rated 100m WR I wouldn't mind swapping it into bracelet occasionally to take advantage of its WR. And the GS bracelet does look great...

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    I wouldn't swim in my GS (or put to anywhere near water!!), but thats just me.

    The GS bracelet is pretty much different for all the models (end link fit anyway) as the cases are very different. There is also 3, 5 and 7 link bracelets.

    Also depending on the model the bracelets are 19mm Lug size or 20mm Lug size.

    You would need to buy the bracelet for that particular model (or a model with the same case)

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    Which model Grand Seiko do you have?

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    The HiBeat 035, it's 100m WR but I'm not sure if there is a bracelet option which rather seems to defeat the point, as I'm not going to soak leather :-/

    I think its 20mm. If other GS bracelets will fit then I might try order one from Seiko, failing that I could be tempted to buy a compatible GS on metal bracelet...

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    That's absolutely beautiful watch! But no bracelet for you sorry, the specials actually have a subtly unique case shape all to themselves. But I fully support the idea of a complimentary Grand Seiko on a bracelet!

    Check out the new (LE) SBGE041 with that radiating purple dial! Pretty bad-ass watch

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    Oh no

    Thanks anyway! I'm in Hong Kong in 2 wks so will take a look

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    Do you think it looks better on the original black... or brown strap?

    I would prefer a slightly darker shade of golden brown, but hopefully it might darken slightly with age.

    Both are genuine reptile. The original Seiko black strap is very supple and comfy. The brown strap was custom made to the same spec & fitting as the Seiko.

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    The other nice thing about the dial is that it looks white in bright daylight, but an ivory shade in subdued light

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    BLACK black black!

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    And you could always put it on a very simple black rubber strap for swimming
    Nice watch!
    It's the final countdown! PM me before they're all gone!

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    Never thought about the rubber option, thanks! ^_^b

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