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Thread: Who died in 2020

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    Who died in 2020

    And it’s not a new phenomenon: there were medieval Christians reputed to be holy enough neither to eat or drink

    Often women (known as miraculous maids), nowadays we’d probably code them as suffering from anorexia

    St Catherine of Sienna was one

    More recently, the Victorians had ‘fasting girls’, again young women who neither ate nor drank, and again reputed to have spiritual gifts

    I’d heard of the Welsh one, Sarah Jacob
    (my parents bought me the Readers Digest book of Strange Stories and Amazing Facts as a kid, so I’ve lots of half-remembered bits of weird info like this)

    She starved to death under medical observation
    (She’d previously been sneaking small amounts of food, which she couldn’t when observed
    The medics said she was dying and should eat. Her parents refused, saying they’d seen her like this before)
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