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Thread: Hotel L'Orologio in Florence, Italy

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    Hotel L'Orologio in Florence, Italy

    My fiance and I are traveling to Italy and France for two weeks in late September/early October. Last time we were in Florence I came across Hotel L'Orologio and was immediately intrigued. Since we're returning to Florence for three nights on this trip and it coincides with my birthday (and they were running a special) she has agreed to stay at the hotel.

    Hotel L'Orologio is owned by a huge watch collector (apparently he owns over 3000 pieces) and the hotel is completely devoted to three watch brands; Rolex, Patek Phillippe, and Vacheron Constantin with each room dedicated to a particular model. The reviews on the place are great, it is one of the top hotel in Florence according to Trip Advisor, and it is in a great location. I'm curious to know if anyone has stayed here before? If so, any thoughts on the hotel?

    Here is a link to their site:

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    Have not stayed there but after looking at your link it is now on my "Must Do" list.

    Very nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nokie View Post
    Have not stayed there but after looking at your link it is now on my "Must Do" list.

    Very nice.
    It looks cool. Apparently there is one in Venice as well.

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    Nice find! I'll add that to my bucket list.

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