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Thread: Brendan's coming

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    Brendan's coming

    Looks like our UK members better be digging out their macs and wellies and strapping on their divers!
    Storm Brendan is about give everyone a bit of troubleName:  _110488977_de28.jpg
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    It appears Scotland is in for the worst but as Steve Miller said in his 1977 hit, everybody's going to get wet.
    In northern Scotland the schools are already closed and the ferries are shut down, so the northern isles are completely isolated.
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    Hope everyone rides it out ok.

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    Yeesh. Stay safe and dry, our British friends.
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    I did look out of the window today and say 'golly it's a bit wet out there eh chaps? And everyone said hmm yes indeed quite nasty' but that's what about it.
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    It’s gusty and wet, down here in the bottom right-hand corner, but that’s about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tribe125 View Post
    It’s gusty and wet, down here in the bottom right-hand corner, but that’s about it.
    Much the same over this side; a noticable increase in large puddles and got soaked on my way home this evening but nothing new...... I'll settle for that.
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