Seiko Prospex has released a new BLACK SERIES of divers for 2020. I say “new” black series because 2018 also saw a trio of Black Series Limited Edition divers released.

The concept behind the new Black Series, say Seiko is an interpretation of the many changing colors of the tropical seas – from cobalt-blue to jet-black.

The series of three Prospex dive watches, Seiko go on to say was inspired by and designed for night diving. Like its predecessor, the 2020 Black Series is once again a collection of three.

Whereas 2018’s watches took on exactly the same case and dial aesthetic as each other with all-black cases, orange minute hands and orange lumed hour markers;

we have a duo: SPB125J1 & SSC761J1 [SBDC095 & SBDL065]once again with orange minute hands and orange lumed hour markers, plus a solo act:

SLA035J1 [SBDX033] with its red/orange seconds hand, white lumed hour markers and red WR dial text. Ref.SLA035J1 [SBDX033] is what Seiko call a saturation diver's watch.

The reason behind Seiko’s choice of red for the WR dial text and seconds hands (actually looks orange in most shots) was owing to how red light behaves underwater.

Red light has the longest wavelength and so, the least amount of energy in the visible spectrum. Moving from red to blue across the spectrum; red is first to disappear as you descend, blue is the last.